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Free software licenses : how to identify them?

To make a software free, you need to release it under a free software license. Usually, the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) is used, but occasionally other free software licenses are used.
Mostly, licenses compatible with the GNU GPL are chosen for GNU software.



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E-mailing : what about reading time of newsletters?

A study was published by Sabarcane with a graphic design porviding new key indicators on emailings between professionals (BtoB)


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New templates for Thelia !

Our team has developed new templates for Thelia 2. Three themes, with distinct identity, are available right now. Find them on Github!

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Discover our team

Thelia has evolved during few years. After more than one year of Research and Development we have launched a new version of Thelia.

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Import your database from Thelia 1 to Thelia 2

We have developed a module which enables you to import your Thelia 1 database to Thelia 2.

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Atlantic crossing for Thelia : support for Olivier Montel

Through Rames Guyane, transatlantic rowing run, we have chosen to support Olivier Montel! Departure is planned for October, 18th 2014 in Dakar, headed for Cayenne, French Guiana.

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E-commerce report: evolution for the first quarter of 2014

A study published by the Fevad (e-commerce and mail order federation), on the 20th of may, reveals e-commerce trends for the first quarter of 2014.
Results are positive for the French e-commerce activities!

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How can you communicate during sales?

According to studies made by “La Fevad” (e-commerce and mail order federation), 49% of the interviewees prepare their sales on the web against 39% of them in physical stores.
Today, consumption is cross channel and consumers enjoy comparing the offers! You have to distinguish yourself and push purchases.
Sectors the most profitable during sales are clothing goods and household electrical goods.

Let’s see what you should do to improve traffic on your website and orders during sales (from the 25th of june to 29 of July 2014).

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SEO: news Google updates

Announced on Twitter by Matt Cutts, Google has rolled out two news updates last weekend, Payday Loan 2 and Panda 4.0.
Why? What are the consequences?

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Our team at your disposal

We can assist you during the creation of your e-store. We offer many services. Let’s talk about it!


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