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Version 2.1.3 with security fix

The version 2.1.3 of Thelia was released and includes a security fix.

We found an authentication bypass for customer and admin. This vulnerability is present from version 2.1.0-beta1 and is fixed in 2.1.3 and 2.2.0-alpha1.

Here is the complete changelog :

  • Add \Thelia\Model\OrderProduct::setCartItemId and \Thelia\Model\OrderProduct::getCartItemId to remove the typo with cartIemId
  • A notice is displayed when the product’s template is changed
  • Security fix on authentication
  • Rename cookie related config variables. They were prefixed with “thelia_” on insert, but not in the code


  • \Thelia\Model\OrderProduct::setCartIemId Because of a typo
  • \Thelia\Model\OrderProduct::getCartIemId Because of a typo too
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Version 2.1.2 with security fix

The version 2.1.2 of Thelia was released and includes a security fix.

Simon Vieille from web&design has reported a XSS injection present in the BackOffice of Thelia (error.html template). This vulnaberability is present in version 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 but not version 2.0.*

Here is the complete changelog :

  • Add the possibility to delete a coupon from the backoffice.
  • module list is now reversed. Delivery modules appear first, then payment and finally classic modules.
  • display a loader when a module is uploaded
  • Change product prices export and import format to be compatible, now using product_sale_elements id as key to identify PSE.
  • Fix unused variable in Thelia\Controller\Api\CustomerController::getDeleteEvent
  • change default order for cart loop.
  • Add missing static keyword for Thelia\Core\HttpFoundation\JsonResponse::createError
  • Do not register previous url on XmlHttpRequest
  • Fix deploy image directory destination
  • Fix redirect response if a AuthenticationException is catched
  • Prevent XSS injection in error.html template
  • The hook method is now stored in the ignored_module_hook table
  • Allow to hardlink TinyMCE rather than symlink
  • Add bootstrap paths for thelia-project
  • Enlarge order dropdown menu to prevent wrapping in some languages
  • Fixed langugage when previewing e-mails

Download version 2.1.2

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A new module for Thelia developers

A module has been released for you Thelia developers. It’s called TheliaStudio and it will become your best friend during your Thelia module developments.

Be careful this module is only compatible with Thelia 2.1

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Thelia 2.1 was released

After 6 months of intensive work, Thelia 2.1.0 is out. This new version comes with a lot of new features and enhancements.

Download Thelia 2.1 now !

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Thelia will be at International CES 2015, from 6 to 9 January 2015

Our OpenStudio company was selected to be part of a delegation of French startups to the CES in Las Vegas in January 2015. We will be accompanied by the French Ministers Emmanuel Macron and Axelle Lemaire, as well as Pierre Gattaz, president of MEDEF (French employer organization).

There, we will present our new generation of e-commerce software, THELIA, as well as its innovative architecture and its new features.

We were received in Paris by the Ministers on Thursday, December 18, 2014, who on this occasion made an official launch of the French delegation. We thank ARDE (Development Agency in Auvergne, France) who allowed our company to be selected as one of the best French startups.

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New project management with Thelia

If you follow us on Github, you may have noticed that we created a lot of repositories last week, here’s the explanation.

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We have a Christmas gift for you too!

This year, we wanted to offer you a present too…
A brand new module compatible with Thelia 2…

Now guess what!

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We need to hear from you! Take our survey!

In order to improve Thelia, the modules and its features, we need to know our merchants better!
The aim of this survey is to know the type of merchants who is using Thelia.

This survey is anonymous, but if you want to you can give us your contact details at the end.

To take our survey, please follow this linK.

To answer the survey in French, please follow this link.

Thanks a lot!

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Be careful, from 1st January 2015, tax rules for telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services will change !


From 1st January 2015, the new regulation for VAT on telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services in the European Union, will come into effect.

Businesses in the EU will now have to account for the VAT in the EU country where the consumer is based, no matter where the customer belongs.

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We are looking for some evangelists for Thelia !

OpenStudio, Thelia’s editor, is looking for some Thelia evangelists worldwide.

Today, Thelia is the 3rd free e-commerce solution in France with more than 10,000 eshops.

After 2 years of Research and Development, we have released a brand new version of Thelia, namely Thelia version 2.

This version, which is now international, is based on the most efficient tools, such as Symfony 2.
Thelia’s features can be extended to infinity thanks to many interfaces.
And throuhg its structure, Thelia enhances users’ experience!

OpenStudio is looking for some evangelists in France and abroad to keep up its international development.
Evangelists will be assigned with improving Thelia’s notoriety, organizing and delivering our commercial offers about Thelia.

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