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Best e-commerce practices

Having an e-commerce activity is not easy. This is why your project has to be prepared carefully.
Of course it is impossible to talk about all the best practices in one article. So I have chosen to deal with the marketplaces today!

Marketplaces and prices-comparison websites are more and more essentials for Internet users. They are simple and user friendly tools. Do not neglect them!
Indeed they enable you to sell your products on various platforms as Ebay, Amazon for example. Those websites have good traffics and permit to improve the visibility of your website.
There are also feed aggregators, such as our partner Shopping Flux. They enable you to transmit quickly your catalog towards shopping guides, marketplaces, affiliate platforms…

At first, we advice you to be present on few marketplaces and to take a good advantage of them. Quality is better than quantity!
Moreover, always think about creating traffic on your website. For that, propose offers more attractive on your website than on marketplaces. For example, offer shipping costs cheaper on your website. Focus on your website as far as possible!

Finally, let’s talk humorously about bad practices. It is better to avoid some silly things in e-commerce activity. On Internet, competition is higher and you can loose customers quickly. In an article published on Skeelbox, e-commerce blog, find out some advices for you to avoid some mistakes in your activity.

We hope we have given you some keys to get ready to start or to carry on your e-commerce activity with peace of mind.

See you soon!

1 Comment

  1. 2014/08/18 9:59:56am

    C’est sûr, se lancer dans l’e-commerce n’est pas une chose facile… Pour vous aider, il y a un concours en ce moment, E-Wards, qui récompense les meilleurs projets de site e-commerces : à gagner, la création de son site e-commerce. Oui, de quoi transformer son rêve en réalité !
    Pour participer, c’est très simple : on remplit son projet en ligne, le stade d’avancement, on ajoute quelques photos. C’est un jury qui désignera le gagnant. Ca vaut vraiment le coup…
    Le site :
    A bientôt 🙂

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