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Implementation of a new release process

Thelia 2.0 was released in April and we are still developing new features for e-businesses.
We are working on new big features, so we need to create a new major version (aka Thelia 2.1). For this new version we have organized a new release and development process on Github.

We now maintain two different branches (and maybe more in the future) :Теплые полы в деревянном доме

What’s new for contributors ?

Contributors have to choose to contribute to the master or to the 2.0 branch. If it’s for a new feature, you have to contribute on master branch. If it’s to fix a bug, push it to the branch where you found the bug.
Don’t worry, we are here to help you and if you choose the wrong branch, we will be able to change the branch for you.

What are these new features ?

There are two new big features :

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