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New project management with Thelia

If you follow us on Github, you may have noticed that we created a lot of repositories last week, here’s the explanation. Овца

If you have already worked with Thelia, you may have noticed how hard it was to update the core on a project. Indeed, you were limited to some directories to work in, and you generally had to work on others too. Moreover, it was hard to include composer dependencies, as modules weren’t required with composer, you had to rewrite Thelia’s composer.json and composer.lock files, and also to keep it up-to-date.

From Thelia version 2.1.0-beta2, those problems do not exist anymore !

Before, you had to create a project with thelia/thelia, and you could only work in the templates and modules directories.

You can now use thelia/thelia-project to get a full working Thelia, but managed with composer. By default, it will create a project on the last release, but you can choose the one you want.

You can create a project this way:
php composer.phar create-project thelia/thelia-project path/ 2.1.0-beta2

Or, if you want the last release of Thelia:
php composer.phar create-project thelia/thelia-project path/ dev-master

Then you can edit the composer.json file to add other modules, add composer.json files into your modules and even templates. You are even free to remove modules or default templates and continue to get Thelia updates !

This has been possible thanks to all the tools of git and Github.

First, we added composer.json files in all the directories we needed to extract, to allow their management with composer. You can see the Pull Request here.

Then we plugged a Github webhook to thelia/thelia repository that warns a service to update all other Thelia respositories. Our service uses the git filter-branch command to extract the directories and keep a new clean git tree on the repositories with commits’ authors.

Finally, our new friend Theliabot pushes the updates, and that’s how the thelia-project was born.

The new Thelia repositories are read-only. It means that issues are deactivated and all the pull requests will be ignored. If you want to contribute to Thelia, please continue to do it on

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