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Thelia 2.1 was released

After 6 months of intensive work, Thelia 2.1.0 is out. This new version comes with a lot of new features and enhancements.

Download Thelia 2.1 now !

New features

  • Hooks
  • Rest API
  • – Modules can be installed directly in the Back-Office
  • – Virtual Products


  • – Cache the autoloader with APC (see: web/index.php file)
  • New form implementation
  • – Smarty is now a dedicated module. Twig module will come soon
  • – Flash messages with Smarty
  • – Routing : new notation a:b:c => Foo:Bar:Baz will execute Foo\Controller\BarController::BazAction method
  • – Update command has been removed and replaced by a php script and a web wizard. Read the file
  • – Email can be previewed in the back office
  • – The default Tlog level is now TLog::ERROR instead of Tlog::DEBUG
  • – Environment variable can be used in the database.yml file. See #968
  • – Split Thelia on multiple repositories to allow a better version management with composer.

A dedicated article was posted few days ago to explain how to manage new project with Thelia.

Thelia have been split into multiple repositories allowing you to install and manage your Thelia with Composer.

For a complete explanation read this article :

Complete changelog

The complete changelog is very long, to see it read this release notes :

Thelia 2.0.5

We also worked on Thelia 2.0, and added many improvement.
As for Thelia 2.1, we released a new version : Thelia 2.0.5.

Regarding the enhancements:
– We added a new function to smarty set_previous_url. The parameter ignore_current allows you to ignore the current url and it will not be store as a previous url
– ‘freesans’ is now the default font for PDF documents
– We fixed a bug with cart foreign key constraint #926
– We added missing ‘’ resource
– We added add a default translation for ‘/ajax/mini-cart’
– We added more module includes in order-edit.html
– …

You can see the entire Changelog on Github.

You can download Thelia 2.0.5 here.

If you have any problem with Thelia, feel free to add an issue on Github.

Thank you!

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