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Thelia 2 has been developed in accordance to web development standards.
The core is based on Symfony 2 components and meet the following objectives :
performance and scalability.


New significant technological choices such as interoperability, css preprocessor or REST API, in addition to relevant added features allow merchants to improve the management of their business, their sales and turnover.


Both back and front-office have been thought to be more efficient.
Powered by the template engine Smarty and integrated with the unavoidable Bootstrap 3 and the standard HTML 5, they are fully adaptable.

In this new release

Thelia breaks new grounds by using the most efficient and most functional tools :


Smarty, bootstrap 3, microdata, css preprocessor…
Many new features for more performance.

Powered by the template engine Smarty, the front-office has been integrated with the unavoidable Bootstrap 3. Beyond its responsiveness, it is fully integrated in html 5 and microdata are used to give more semantic meaning to content and data. Finally, to make integration and maintenance easier, a css preprocessor is used to generate the sylesheet with less or sass.
Front office demo


As for the front-office, the back-office has been thought in order to be more ergonomic and functional.

Not only responsive (integrated with the bootstrap 3 and in full HTML 5) it is also fully customizable through Smarty and Thelia loops.

Back office demo *
* username / password : thelia2 / thelia2


BackOffice – Home

BackOffice – Home

BackOffice – Installation

Front Office – Product page

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Our team

Manuel Raynaud Lead developerPHP addict &
Free Software evangelist

Etienne Roudeix DeveloperSQL fanatic &
Integrator sherpa

Michaël Espeche IntegratorBootstrap lover &
UI enhancer

Christophe Laffont IntegratorSemantic Guru

Guillaume Morel DeveloperSymfony 2 addict &
Quality integrist

Stéphanie Pinet Marketing managerChatterbox

Franck Allimant DeveloperSmarty expert

Vincent & Marion Designers M&M’s lovers

Thierry Roudine,

” Thelia is above all a flexible solution that allows rapid implementation of e-commerce projects. “

Jérôme Thierry,

” Thelia has the advantage of being free. Everyone is free to create and integrate his websites as he wants to. “

Romain Colas,
Référencement Manuel

” This e-commerce open source CMS combines simplicity and performance, and includes by default SEO problematic. In a word, we are fans ! “

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