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Announced on Twitter by Matt Cutts, Google has rolled out two news updates last weekend, Payday Loan 2 and Panda 4.0.
Why? What are the consequences?

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Our team at your disposal

We can assist you during the creation of your e-store. We offer many services. Let’s talk about it!


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Le M-commerce, nouvelle tendance !

Smartphones? Tablets?
Increasingly present in our daily lives, they reveal new patterns of use.
More than a third of French people have a Smartphone and more than a half log on Internet for various uses.

More generally there are 183 millions Smartphones in Europe and we note that the “mobile shopping” is considerably evolving. It becomes necessary to adapt yourself to this new trend.

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Thelia, optimized for SEO

As well as its first version, Thelia is optimized for SEO. Based on modern technologies such as Symfony 2, our e-commerce solution evolved.

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Thelia 2.0.1 is available

Few weeks ago, our stable version of Thelia was out! Some developments are available for the version 2.0.1 of Thelia.

Thelia, version 2.0.1, includes improvements at different levels and it is now possible to:

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Klik and Pay- Your new pre-installed payment solution

Klik & Pay is a complete highly secure payment solution including a Distance Selling Agreement.

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Best e-commerce practices

Having an e-commerce activity is not easy. This is why your project has to be prepared carefully.
Of course it is impossible to talk about all the best practices in one article. So I have chosen to deal with the marketplaces today!

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Train yourself to Thelia

Our team of experts offers you many training sessions to perfectly control Thelia.
Different topics are offered according to your needs. Dates of training are already available in Clermont-Ferrand and from September in Paris and Lyon.

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Launching of a partnership with PayPal

Thelia and PayPal go into partnership to develop a new module for PayPal especially made for Thelia.

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Thelia goes under LGPL License

Thelia has been published under GPL license since December 2006. From now on, with its version 2, Thelia is published under LGPL license (Lesser General Public License). This licence frees you from the inheritance of GPL.
Why did we decide to change the licence ?

About GPL License

The GPL license is one of the most famous free license. It allows anyone who has a software under GPL license to copy it, to modify it and to distribute modified versions of the software.
However, it is very contaminant due to its specificity: the copyleft. It means that when using a part of a program distributed under the GPL license, all the rest of the program goes literally under GPL.
It means that if you modify a part of the program, the new developments have to be published under GPL license.

Why a LGPL License ?

To overcome this requirement, we decided to release our ecommerce solution Thelia under LGPL License.
After 7 years under GPL License and also a particular economic model, it appears that copyleft could curb the use and the development of Thelia.
Under the LGPL license, copyleft is lesser. Thereby, active or potential users will be able to create plugins for Thelia and distribute them under another license than the GPL.

More information about LGPL license at:

Thanks for using Thelia and we hope you will enjoy working on the new version of Thelia !

See you soon!

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