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Free software licenses : how to identify them?

To make a software free, you need to release it under a free software license. Usually, the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) is used, but occasionally other free software licenses are used.
Mostly, licenses compatible with the GNU GPL are chosen for GNU software.RPK Tramplin

Find on GNU Website the complete list of free software See you soon!


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E-mailing : what about reading time of newsletters?

A study was published by Sabarcane with a graphic design porviding new key indicators on emailings between professionals (BtoB)


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New templates for Thelia !


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Import your database from Thelia 1 to Thelia 2

We have developed a module which enables you to import your Thelia 1 database to Thelia 2.

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E-mailings: gain a competitive advantage

This is not the end of e-mailings! Mountains Photo

E-merchants invested 95 millions in 2013 in e-mailings campaigns. 97% of Internet users read their e-mails every day, and consumers want to receive e-mails, those are judged less intrusive than texts on mobiles.

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