Thelia is a powerful and efficient solution to create tailor-made online shops

Since 2005, Thelia is running hundreds of online shops in France and all around the world. Many e-merchants are trusting our platform for the success of their online busines

15 YEARS KNOW-HOW 15 years know-how Hundreds online shops in France and all around the World
100% made in France 100% made in France An e-commerce solution supported by the french company OpenStudio
extensible à l’infini endless extensivity Your needs are changing ? Thelia will fit your purpose

Thelia was designed to make all innovations possible!

Thelia is infinitely expandable. Are your needs changing? With its REST API and its templating system, Thelia adapts to all issues :

ERP, web2store, click&collect, B2B, PIM, marketplace, POS software…

Click and Collect

Click and Collect

Thelia is particularly suited to the "Click & Collect" issue. Your customers order online and have them delivered to points of sale. With Thelia, the brands take advantage of their network of shops, while benefiting from the commercial power of a global e-commerce site.


Customized management interface

Customized management interface

The flexibility of Thelia templating allows you to adapt thelia administrator interfaces to transform it into specific software. For example, checkout software for points of sale connected directly to the catalog of the e-commerce site with ergonomics adapted to touch screens. But also a completely custom-made picking interface with barcode scanning, label generation, order verification, weighing ...



Thelia quickly adapts to a drive project. Thelia has been successfully used for food store networks in a "multi-drive" logic including close links with store cash register software.


PIM, ERP and B2B

PIM, ERP and B2B

On many projects, Thelia becomes the single repository and thus becomes PIM. Thanks to the REST API, the entire catalog is synchronized with third-party applications such as ERP, marketplaces, or marketing tools. Thelia thus flexibly manages the creation of different flows in the case of a multi-store project, with ERP synchronisation or in case of B2B store.


E-commerce designed for
Artificial Intelligence

After 15 years of experience in e-commerce and investment in thelia, OpenStudio integrates artificial intelligence directly into thelia :

Tailored for custom web development, open-source, and independent from GAFAM, our models and tools adapt to your needs and facilitate the management of your e-commerce, through new advanced features :

  • A dashboard with multiple statistical tools and objective indicators, ensuring a clear and logical analysis of your e-commerce.
  • Targeted and relevant product recommendations based on your users' behavior and their interactions with your catalog.
  • A finer segmentation of your customer base, based on the data from your online store.
  • La Bonne Pointure
  • Classic Ride
  • Dafy Moto
  • Francis kurkdjian
  • I Love Print
  • Le Grand Pannier Bio
  • I-Way
  • La Pèlerine
  • Pagès
  • Perceval
  • Procity
  • Promocash
  • Protabac
  • Sabatier-K

Thelia is carried by a French company

Thelia is an e-commerce solution carried by the French company OpenStudio, which has been carrying out web projects for 15 years. OpenStudio guarantees the sustainability of the software. The company has been growing steadily since its creation and has been among the 50 fastest growing French companies for several years in a row.

The company is a member of Frenchtech, and in the process of ISO 9001 certification. It has carried out several hundred projects and has around sixty employees in France, mainly on open-ended contracts and has always refused to outsource its production.

All social charges, taxes and duties of the company are paid in France.

Thelia is supported by OpenStudio

The presence of the OpenStudio teams alongside Thelia offers you the possibility of benefiting from support for the success of your project. At your request, OpenStudio can assist you in the design phase, or develop for you the specific functionalities that you lack.

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The only 100% open source, and 100% French e-commerce solution based on the latest version of the Symfony framework.

Thelia is the ideal solution your tailor-made project


Thelia's current version : 2.5.4


Front Demo :


Admin panel :

Login: thelia2  password: thelia2


Thelia API :


Thelia Doc :

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Adopt your Elephpant PHP thelia !

Are you a PHP fan? Add to your collection the thelia Elephant ! Official PHP mascot designed by Vincent Pontier in 1998, the Elephant is now available in thelia colors. Let yourself be touched by his softness and his round silhouette.


Thelia benefits from the power of the Symfony framework


Thelia is an open source software that uses the full power of the Symfony framework. Speaking to experienced developers, Symfony is recognized as one of the best PHP frameworks in the world. Its role is to structure the Thelia project by the use of standardized methods, inspired by languages such as Java used in industry.

Symfony is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) software architecture system. Synonymous with structuring the code, it brings evolutionary potential to any web project, and offers a guarantee of quality to the project (security, reliability, maintainability, etc.).

The popularity of Symfony makes it possible to recruit high-level developer profiles.

Thelia is optimized for SEO

Thelia does not offer a ready-to-use e-commerce templates catalog, because it encourages the creation and integration of a custom theme in each project.

Tailored for customization, sites based on Thelia then have a light, custom template, benefiting from all the SEO optimizations that the site developer can integrate into it (semantics, micro-data, etc.).

In terms of display performance, a PageSpeed score greater than 90% is very easily conceivable.

Finally, it is recognized that Google favors the referencing of completely custom sites (from-scratch) compared to sites based on traditional CMS. By having a custom theme, a site created with thelia will be perceived by Google as a completely custom site and will therefore benefit from major advantages for its natural referencing, including in particular taking into account its much more evolutions. fast (time and frequency of crawl).

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