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Back on a week of exhibitions and conferences

All the team is back to work after a week in Paris and London.


Paris e-commerce Expo

We first went to Paris to the E-Commerce Expo, from Monday 23rd to Thursday 25th 2014.

Those 3 days offered a wealth of information ! First because we discovered lots of new functionalities, but also thanks to all the people we met, Thelia users and non-users.

Each time we are delighted to discover new Thelia contributors and new projects.

We would like to thank Franck Allimant (alias Roadster on Thelia’s forum), Thelia core dev for his involvement in this event.

We also want to thank Dominique Thomas, CEO of l’Empire du Malt (made with Thelia, of course) for his testimony during our conference.

This expo was the occasion to meet some of our partners, such as Klik & Pay.

More generally, it appears that people like Thelia because it’s a modern and stable solution.

Today, Thelia is the alternative to existing solutions that have struggled to make the technological shift.

London Symfony Live

Last week was also the London Symfony Live.

We had the opportunity to get a community booth and to present Thelia during a lightning talk.

It was the second time we attended a Symfony Event (we were in Warsow in December), but the first time that we had a booth.

Again, this event was awesome. Lots of people were interested in Thelia. Indeed, a few solutions based on Symfony are stable, and Thelia is one of them !

It was also the first time Manuel (our lead dev) made a presentation in English, and everything went well, of course 😉

We still have lots of projects for Thelia, and we are all the more motivated that our community keeps growing day by day and appreciates Thelia.

Thank you all for your support !

And stay tuned, many new functionalities and even partnerships will come soon…

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