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Back on a week of exhibitions and conferences

All the team is back to work after a week in Paris and London.


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Want to catch your consumers’ eyes? Define a coherent graphic charter for your store!

When you are creating your store, you have to choose your corporate identity. Everything must be coherent: your activity, colors, pictures…


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Transactional e-mailing: 2 mistakes you must avoid!

Transactional e-mails are really important for customers. These e-mails confirm relevant information: inscription, orders, products delivery…


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Websites colors: Determinant keys in consumers’ behaviors

Purchase behaviors are influenced by various irrational factors: sensory factors, emotional factors, smells, colors… Let’s have a look on webdesign trends in European e-commerce!



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Discover Thelia 2.0.3 bêta version !

As announced, Thelia 2.0.3 is available in a beta version, with many new features! Let’s have a look on this new version!


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Import your database from Thelia 1 to Thelia 2

We have developed a module which enables you to import your Thelia 1 database to Thelia 2.

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Atlantic crossing for Thelia : support for Olivier Montel

Through Rames Guyane, transatlantic rowing run, we have chosen to support Olivier Montel! Departure is planned for October, 18th 2014 in Dakar, headed for Cayenne, French Guiana.

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Référencement : De nouvelles mises à jour Google

Announced on Twitter by Matt Cutts, Google has rolled out two news updates last weekend, Payday Loan 2 and Panda 4.0.
Why? What are the consequences?

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Our team at your disposal

We can assist you during the creation of your e-store. We offer many services. Let’s talk about it!


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Thelia 2.0.1 is available

Few weeks ago, our stable version of Thelia was out! Some developments are available for the version 2.0.1 of Thelia.

Thelia, version 2.0.1, includes improvements at different levels and it is now possible to:

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