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New project management with Thelia

If you follow us on Github, you may have noticed that we created a lot of repositories last week, here’s the explanation.

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How to install SHAREit for PC or Computer

A step by step guide to download SHAREit for PC is offered right here. Like Xender for PC, SHAREit is a documents transfer application that helps in transfer of files to and from mobile and PC SHAREit is an app that is established by Lenovo Pvt Limited, a pioneer in laptop computer and mobile phone production as well as circulation. It is made use of to share photos, applications, video clips, files, sound as well as more throughout devices and so regarded as the fastest app to share things on the planet. There is no need of investing any network costs or Wi-Fi connection. It is a totally free application that shares the components in between the tools at lightning speed. The materials can be pictures, videos, folders and even papers. There is no need of any cords or USB drives for sharing the components from one device to another. Sharing is truly fast and very easy with the help of SHAREit.

SHAREit makes use of WiFi to get in touch with a device. As soon as you couple a device, it ends up being really simple for the users to share a file. SHAREit for PC guide will certainly help you to take care of and also transfer documents between PC as well as mobile also.

Features of SHAREit for PC.
SHAREit for PC app has lots of intriguing usage. Lets undergo some of the well known attributes of SHAREit for PC application. With the help of SHAREit application, sharing between the teams is possible. This is among the best features of the app.shareit for pc A team of 5 tools could be made use of to share all sorts of files like videos, photos, songs etc each time. Even within these 5 gadgets, large documents can also be moved. The speed at which data is transferred with the help of SHAREit is virtually 5 times faster compared to the rate of Bluetooth. In simply fractions of seconds, big data and also videos can be transferred. SHAREit can also be used to move videos of 1MB to 100GB in a snap in all.

It is possible to do sharing quickly and promptly as there is no need of any type of cords or cables. scmagazine Transfer of any sorts of documents is done across the devices at a very high speed.

The gadgets in which SHAREit application is mounted can identify other devices which also have SHAREit immediately when they remain in array. This automatic discovery is an added function of this application. This app even allows cross platform transmission of tools.

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We need to hear from you! Take our survey!

In order to improve Thelia, the modules and its features, we need to know our merchants better!
The aim of this survey is to know the type of merchants who is using Thelia.

This survey is anonymous, but if you want to you can give us your contact details at the end.

To take our survey, please follow this linK.

To answer the survey in French, please follow this link.

Thanks a lot!

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Be careful, from 1st January 2015, tax rules for telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services will change !


From 1st January 2015, the new regulation for VAT on telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services in the European Union, will come into effect.

Businesses in the EU will now have to account for the VAT in the EU country where the consumer is based, no matter where the customer belongs.

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We are looking for some evangelists for Thelia !

OpenStudio, Thelia’s editor, is looking for some Thelia evangelists worldwide.Честность в бизнесе

Today, Thelia is the 3rd free e-commerce solution in France with more than 10,000 eshops.

After 2 years of Research and Development, we have released a brand new version of Thelia, namely Thelia version 2.

This version, which is now international, is based on the most efficient tools, such as Symfony 2.
Thelia’s features can be extended to infinity thanks to many interfaces.
And throuhg its structure, Thelia enhances users’ experience!

OpenStudio is looking for some evangelists in France and abroad to keep up its international development.
Evangelists will be assigned with improving Thelia’s notoriety, organizing and delivering our commercial offers about Thelia.

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Don’t forget, energy labels will have to be provided on your website

In March 2014, the European Commission voted a Delegated Regulation with regard to labelling of energy-related products on the internet.Вольеры

This Regulation will be coming into effect on the 1st January 2015.
Retailers will now have to provide the energy label of many of their electric and electronic products.

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Thelia 2.1.0-beta1 was released !

Thelia 2.1 is a substantial project, and we have been working on since August. Indeed, many new major features have been integrated, such as Front-end and Back-end hooks.

Today, we released Thelia 2.1.0-beta1.

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2015 Sales dates

According to French legislation, Winter and Summer sales last 6 weeks in France. Утепление крыши деревянного дома

Here are the French official dates for 2015:

Winter sales: from Wednesday 7th January to Tuesday 17th February included
Summer sales: from Wednesday 24th June to Tuesday 4th August included


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OpenStudio, Thelia’s editor, was rewarded 10th best growth amongst the fastest growing technology companies in France.

We are delighted to be part of the fastest growing technology companies in France, and moreover to be ranked 10th, with a growth of 2,816 % over the last 5 years. This year again, more than 400 French technology companies met in Paris on 25th November, to be part of the 14th annual « Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ».

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Olivier left Dakar last Saturday to cross the Ocean. We were there!

Olivier left Dakar last saturday, for a crossing of nearly 45 days, to Cayenne.
Of course, we were there to support him !

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