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Thelia 2.1 available in alpha version !

As mentioned in August when the new implementation process had been set up, we have been working on a new major version of Thelia : Thelia 2.1

Today, this version is available in alpha version.

What’s new ?

Hooks have been integrated both in Front-end and Back-end.
This feature was claimed by many developers and integrators, it is now available !
No excuses to develop new modules 🙂

You’ll find a list of the current existing hooks here :

If you have already developed many modules for Thelia and used admin_includes functions, don’t worry, they are still interpreted. But of course from now on, it will be better to use hooks instead of admin_includes.

Modules development is all the more easier than the ModuleConfig table was added. It’s an easy way to store modules configuration parameters, with I18n if required.

New features : The Promotion Manager and Virtual Products

The Promotion Manager
Merchants will now be able to prepare their promotions (promotions, sales…). They can enter the type of promotion, which categories and products are related to this promotion, the prices or the reduction, and the date of the promotion (beginning and end) in order to automatically display sales prices and the related mentions, if needed.

Virtual Products
Merchants now have to choice to sell physical and/or virtual products (dematerialized).

Many new parameters were integrated, in addition to new arguments and loops.
There are all listed in the Changelog.

Again, we need you to try out all these new features and to report issues on Github :

Thank you for your help !

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