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Translations are contributed by Thelia users worldwide. The translation work is coordinated at Crowdin.
The Thelia project is located at

The translation process

During the development stage, only english strings should be used and translated inside Thelia. These changes should be submitted with a pull request.
Translations for non English languages should only be done on not in Thelia.

Prior to any stable release, Thelia maintainers will make an announcement and we’ll have a couple of weeks of string freeze in order to give people time to complete the translations.
Once translations are done, Thelia maintainers will integrate all translations in Thelia.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute to translation or want to discuss specific translations, go to the Thelia project page :

If you would like to help out with translating or adding a language that isn’t yet translated, here’s what to do:

Visit the Thelia project page

Sign up at Crowdin or log in if you already have an account.

On the Thelia project page, click the Join Translation Project button.

Crowdin project page

Choose the language you want to work on, or – in case the language doesn’t exist yet – request a new language by clicking on the Contact link of one of the managers of the project.

Then Select a file in the list.

Crowdin language page

And start translating :

Crowdin Translation page

  1. 1. You can filter strings in the left panel.
  2. 2. The untranslated strings are prefixed with a red square, translated with a green square and the accepted and approved with a green check.
  3. 3. Your translation goes here.
  4. 4. In the suggestions panel, you can directly click on the suggestions to use it.
  5. 5. If you have a doubt, you can take a look to other languages translations.
  6. 6. Once you have translated the string, you can save and continue with the next one.


if you encounter any problems, please consults Crowdin Knowledge Base or open a new discussion on Thelia project page.


Thelia evolves constantly and the strings to translate too. So, users could want to translate current version but also previous version.

For now, Crowdin does not support versioning, but it’s a feature that will be soon available.

So this translation process is only valid for the version 2.2 and next versions.


We wanted to thank everyone involved in the translation Thelia. This is a hard job, usually quite long and tedious. So, really, a big thanks.

We also wanted to thanks Crowdin for their amazing platform, great customer service, their implication in open source, … You rock !

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  1. 2015/09/12 7:13:37am

    hello I would like to use Turkish thaliana
    Turkish translation OK
    finished yesterday
    how to Install
    We also want to cooperate with Turkey

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