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New templates for Thelia !

Our team has developed new templates for Thelia 2. Three themes, with distinct identity, are available right now. Find them on Github!

You have 2 options for installing one of our templates on your website :

The safest way:

– Copy and paste the default template and name it with its default name (for example: « zeste »).

– Replace the assets directory by the assets directory of the chosen template.

– Do not forget to change the activated template in your back office. Go into configuration, systems variables. Modify the « name of the active front-office template » by the name of the selected template.

– Edit the layout.tpl file and replace {default_translation_domaindomain=’fo.default’} by {default_translation_domain domain=’fo.zeste’}. (for the template zeste here).

The lazy way:

– Replace the assets directory contained in the default template by the assets directory of the selected template.

Be careful of using this solution, you could loose all your modifications if you update the default template.

Try out these templates :

New templates will be developed soon! We hope that these meet your needs!

See you soon!


  1. Mathias
    2015/02/12 2:05:49pm


    Les versions de demo indiquées ne présentent pas le template correspondant

  2. 2015/04/18 6:40:02am


    I have installed the wiggum theme in There was no change that I made in theme side. But things just dont seem right. Please help.

  3. 2015/04/21 7:54:56pm


    Quel que soit le mode d’installation du template spiced, l’affichage est approximatif. Est ce normal ? faut il après installation aller travailler le CSS (LESS) ?

    Johnny WILST

    • Manuel Raynaud
      2015/04/21 8:00:50pm

      Ces templates ne sont compatibles qu’avec le template par défaut fourni dans Thelia 2.0, pas celui de Thelia 2.1 qui a été modifié.

      Il faudrait reprendre la CSS en effet.

  4. 2015/04/22 3:13:19pm

    Merci Manuel, c’est fâcheux…je vais réinstaller default

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