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Thelia 2.1.0-beta1 was released !

Thelia 2.1 is a substantial project, and we have been working on since August. Indeed, many new major features have been integrated, such as Front-end and Back-end hooks.

Today, we released Thelia 2.1.0-beta1.

What’s new ?

– Many bugs were fixed.
– You can now upload a module with Github suffix (eg : from the Back-end.
– We added a fallback for template to use the default template. This is useful for modules that are used on a website which doesn’t use Thelia default template
– We added new config variable
– …

Another thing, Thelia is now fully PSR2 compliant !

To get more information, read the Changelog.

We also published a PHP Client for Thelia API yesterday. You can discover it now on Github!

Again, we need you to try out all these new features and to report issues on Github :

Have fun!

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