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Thelia 2 : the stable version is out !!

We already announced that Thelia 2 in a stable version was close! Most of you are waiting it with a kind of impatience! Thelia 2.0.0 is out!

A new website for Thelia 2

For the release of Thelia 2, discover our new website:
Thanks to the drop-down menu at the top of the site, you will find all the information for a good and easy handling of Thelia 2, and much more!


Visit our website to discover our news services, many stores made thanks to Thelia and be connected with Thelia community.

Finally, our functional roadmap is available on our site. Many features for Thelia 2.0.0 are in development. They will have an e-marketing orientation to fulfill the needs of the market and then to increase results of e-commerce stores.

Try out Thelia 2

In first, if you want to try out Thelia, do not hesitate to use our demo.

– Test the front office of the demo to get to know Thelia 2 :
– Go all over the Thelia back office and discover the many features that will help you to carry out your e-commerce business. The administration interface is available at:
Login: thelia2 / Pass: thelia2

Download Thelia 2

Are you convinced? So do not hesitate to download and install Thelia 2 by yourself! You can download it directly from Thelia website.

Some documentation is available to help you during the installation:
A lot of information is on Github as well as various modules: This list will progress to meet your needs.

How to migrate your site from Thelia 1.5 to Thelia 2?

A module was developed to allow the migration of a shop from Thelia 1.5 to Thelia 2.
The use is very simple: just configure the module from your back-office of Thelia 2, then start the import! This module can also be downloaded from Github.

Do not hesitate to participate at Thelia community and report encountered bugs via Github.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin!

Download the press release.

All the team hope you will enjoy this new version of Thelia!

See you soon.


  1. Pascal
    2014/04/28 5:25:39pm

    Salut Arnaud,

    Quand est-il de la compatibilité avec l’utilisation conjointe d’un site SPIP (v3.0.x) ?
    Un plugin comme celui existant pour la version 1.5 est-il disponible ou à l’étude ?

    Merci d’avance pour ta réponse.

    • Stéphanie Pinet
      2014/04/29 8:02:07am


      Un module Thelia 2 / Spip n’est pas prévu.



  2. Alexis
    2014/05/05 8:39:36am

    Bonjour, je voulais regarder le fonctionnement du back office mais le lien ne marche pas.
    C’est normal ?

    Merci d’avance 🙂

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