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Olivier left Dakar last Saturday to cross the Ocean. We were there!

Olivier left Dakar last saturday, for a crossing of nearly 45 days, to Cayenne.
Of course, we were there to support him !

It is always a great pleasure to meet new agency, and potential new users. It appeared that one of the agencies we met already used Thelia!

Again, we want to thank them for the warm welcome they gave us.

Let’s move on to the race:

Olivier raised anchor on Saturday 18th October, at 10 am, after 800 days spent on preparing the project and 400 hours spent on building the boat (named Grain de Poivre).


The first day was really complicated.
Unfortunately, the weather was not helpful. Too many driving wind prevented him from getting round the Madeleine Island. After 12 hours of rawing, Olivier stopped and rested while waiting for the wind to subside.
On Sunday, the weather got worse, making a new departure impossible. Olivier and 6 other skippers remained at anchorage.

Olivier raised anchor again on Wednesday morning, taking advantage of a calm sea. The aim was to raw as much as possible toward the high seas to get better conditions before the arrival of the new westerly flow.
Sadly, the weather conditions turned out to be once again negative, and it appears that they will remain bad until the beginning of November…

Indeed, the weather conditions are so bad that the Fleet moved backward during last night ! It is the first time that something like that happens during the race !

But don’t worry, Olivier is fine and keep his chin up !

We all encourage him and we hope the weather conditions will soon be suitable for crossing the ocean !

Stay tuned, will give you some information soon !

You can follow the crossing and Olivier’s position on this page.

And you can visit to get more information about the race.

Some pics of the departure:

The skippers all participate in the project “Expedition 7e Continent

Last picture of all the skippers before the departure.

Olivier and us

Boarding to the boat.
From that moment, Olivier won’t walk on the ground before nearly 45 days!

Grain de poivre

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